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stainless steel housing
6-digit 25.4mm LCD
Applications: electronic platform scale and weighing scales etc.
12 PCS per Carton
WeightAbout 25kg



1. 10 V/m immunity to radiated electromagnetic fields

2. 6-digit 25.4mm LCD

3. Drive up to 4 x 350Ω or 8 x 700Ω load cell

4. 5 V load cell excitation voltage

5. Connection to 4-wire or 6-wire load cell

6. 1,000,000 internal ADC counts

7. Quick recalibration due to change of environment

8. Manual and automatic weight accumulation

9. Automatic zero tracking

10. RS-232C/RS-485 interface with continuous data output or command protocol

11. RS-232C serial printer interface

12. High resolution (×10) display

13. HI/OK/LO set point

14. Low battery warning


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